A Healthy Baby is Not All That Matters

February 09, 2021 Exie Buehler & Ciana Vaughn Season 2 Episode 2
A Healthy Baby is Not All That Matters
Show Notes

So you've had a baby - now what?

Your baby is finally in your arms. You are getting congratulations and want to be happy... everyone else is smile and say "thank you", but inside, you are wondering what is wrong with you because you don't feel happy. You might even be feeling detached from everyone, including your baby - what's going on here?

People ask you to share your birth story, but you don't want makes you feel uncomfortable, so you skim over the details and you hear "well, at least your baby is healthy".

What causes a traumatic birth? How common is it? What can you do to help yourself or someone else who has experienced a birth that is traumatic?

We want to hear from you - reach out and share your birth stories with us.

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