Pandemic Check-In

October 27, 2020 Exie Buehler & Ciana Vaughn Season 1 Episode 9
Pandemic Check-In
Show Notes

Uggghhhh...Pandemic Fatigue...The struggle is real people!

We are venting - like many of you, after 7 months of dealing with this pandemic, we are suffering from the fatigue and needed to get it out. While we are grateful that our immediate families have stayed healthy, the mental stress and anxiety of adjusting to how things are now...and the struggle to maintain hope for the future is getting to us.

Ciana shares how virtual schooling has been going and the changes that her kids' school is implementing.
Exie shares how she is doing as a business owner - specifically handling the massage side of her business in a world where masks and physical distancing are strongly recommended for safety.

Join us as we try to laugh and find the bright side of the Pandemic world in which we all doing our best to endure.

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