Our 2024 Return and Stat Q&A

March 12, 2024 Exie Buehler & Ciana Vaughn Season 3 Episode 32
Our 2024 Return and Stat Q&A
Show Notes

Time - how does it get away from us so easily, and how have we come so far without even realizing it?

In this episode, Ciana and I review how Doula2Doula has grown since its birth in 2020 and how we have been doing since our last episode (a mere 6 months ago 🫣)

See my YouTube for video updates, including my home office transformation

We mention some amazing local businesses and encourage you to check them out:

Blondie On a Budget Designs: Facebook or Instagram
Leo Brown Photographer: Personal Branding, Content Creation, Architectural & Design
Farmington Birth Center
Taques Bar & Grill

Please email us if you want to be a guest on Doula2Doula or have your birth story featured in an upcoming episode.

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